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The Elephant Sisterhood Publishing Company all began when co-founder, Nikki Brooker, wrote a book about the REAL stuff no one wants to talk about when you become a mom. When it came time to publish her book, there were an overwhelming number of options, but none of them fit her needs. This is when Nikki and Savannah realized that so many of their friends are stuck between, “I have a story,” and “where do I go from here?” Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to share with the world, and so began The Elephant Sisterhood. At The Elephant Sisterhood, We believe in nurturing every story so no one feels so overwhelmed that they give up on telling it. Our target audience is women who feel empowered by writing whatever feeds their soul and helping them publish it into the world.

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About Us

Our name, The Elephant Sisterhood originated when we asked our sisterhood for ideas about a name for our publishing company.  When we researched how elephants support each other, we learned that all of the female elephants create a circle around a birthing elephant to protect her and her baby from predators.  They then celebrate the birth of the baby and they all work together to parent every baby as a village.  They work together to ensure every baby elephant is protected and taken care of.  What better explanation of a sisterhood than the elephant sisterhood?

Savannah and Nikki have known each other since 2012 when their kiddos started Kindergarten together.  They have been a support system through thick and thin for each other and all of the other members of their sisterhood. 

We all have a story to tell. Let The Elephant Sisterhood Publishing help you tell yours!

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