About Us


Nikki Brooker was born and raised in Michigan and now resides in Colorado with her husband and three amazing kids. She is an educator, a professional photographer, and is the creator of a non-profit organization called YANAM2M (You Are Not Alone – Mom-2-Mom). YANAM2M’s mission is to ensure every mom feels safe, accepted, and valued.  Moms need to know that THEY ARE ENOUGH! This very special non-profit starts new moms off on their mama journey with tools, support, and to let them know that they are not alone. YANAM2M makes it a priority to support and uplift moms who are struggling with their mama journey.

Nikki has recently written her first book, and has a second one in the works. Her book, Let’s Be Real is a fun, lighthearted guide for new moms with many topics no one wants to discuss.  Motherhood is hard and without the support of other moms, it’s near impossible.  Her thoughts on all things “mamahood” will keep you giggling, give you some insight and hopefully inspire you to find what supports YOU as a mom. 


Savannah grew up in a suburb south of Denver, Colorado where she currently lives with her husband and three children.  Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she always knew she would own a business.  Having spent more than 10 years in social media management and web development, she officially started her digital marketing company, Social Savvy Designs, in 2018.  Her focus has been on helping small businesses in her community make a big impact for the people they serve.  She now uses her marketing background to help new authors find every channel to tell their story.

Savannah has also spent many years volunteering with several organizations, including for Nikki’s non-profit YANAM2M.  She believes the power to give back and grow a strong community is her mission in life.  Currently, that mission includes building an amazing community of authors ready to change the world, one story at a time.